ClariFly Future of Dairy Contest Winners

Central Life Sciences is supporting current and future dairy professionals with the ClariFly Future of Dairy Contest. The contest took place on the ClariFly® Facebook page and asked entrants to share a photo and brief caption that illustrates why they have chosen to pursue a dairy related career or why the industry is strong and will continue to thrive. Keep up to date on dairy industry news and future contests by liking the ClariFly Facebook page at

After reviewing many outstanding entries, Central Life Sciences would like to congratulate the following winners!

Grand Prize Winner - $3,000

Bethany M. Dado

"Hello World" From her very first breath, a dairy calf is treated with the utmost care. On my family farm, my grandmother will spend hours trying to feed a bottle of colostrum to a tiny, stubborn calf. My father will gently rub the frozen feet of a newborn. My little sister will walk down the row of calves and give them each a name. It is examples like this that exemplify why I have chosen a career in dairy agriculture - hard work and passion. This little dairy calf receives so much love and attention, which continues on into adulthood, to ensure that our dairy cows are happy, healthy, and productive. Furthermore, this calf, in its youthful demeanor, represents the bright future of the industry - genetics, new technologies, and dairy product niches - to all of which I cannot wait to contribute!

Second Place Winners - $1,000

Stephanie Ferrari

Every day, I work to educate consumers about the great value local dairy farms bring to our communities. Only 2% of the US is involved in agriculture, which means 98% of our country does not know what it means to be a farmer. I will never stop telling the dairy farmer story because they work hard every single day of the year to produce a great tasting, wholesome, and nutritious product. I love this photo, because it fully embodies what it means to work on a dairy farm: In the middle of a hard day's work, miracles can happen.

Sarah Endres

It is the sensation you get from the feeling of rain on your face after weeks of dry weather. It is waking up at 1:30 in the morning to assist a heifer have her first calf and the joy of watching that calf grow into a cow of its own. It is the honor of being a steward of the land and feeding the world. It is knowing the value of hard work, humility, and faith. Dairy farming; it is not just a job, it is a life style. It is the life I have lived since the day I was born and the reason I am currently pursuing a degree in agriculture. I have a never-ending passion for the dairy industry and above all want to help progress the dairy industry while continuing to carry on the traditions, values and lifestyle that go along with being a dairy farmer.

Honorable Mentions - $500

Mitch Kappelman

Rose and I grew up together. She was with me for the best and worst of times. Visiting her was always the first thing I did when I came home from school. One of the hardest things that I have done was say goodbye to my dear friend Rose. Not normally very friendly, one particular cold, winter night, she was different. I scratched her behind the ear and on her neck. She lifted her head to give me one last kiss. I turned my head and she licked my cheek. It was that moment when I was finally at peace with saying goodbye. Right as my eyes began to water, the feeder walked in. Rose heard the feed cart and ran to the bunk. It was the perfect ending. Rose will always be a part of who I am and why I chose agriculture and dairy farming as my future.

Darcy Steffes

March 17, 2002, I was only 9 years old and could not even begin to imagine what the future would hold for me and my new heifer, Steffes Durham Cinnamon. She always knows how to make a bad day better, even if that means getting her in from the hay field. As I grow older, many cows have come and gone, but none have left the mark that Cinnamon has. I cannot imagine what it will be like to walk into a barn without her walking over to see you as soon as you call her name. I have watched her grow from a calf to a big, beautiful cow and it has been a very rewarding experience. This is the main reason that I have decided to pursue a career in the dairy industry. Steffes Durham Cinnamon is without a doubt my favorite cow, and she always will be.

Lindsey Hellenbrand

I have chosen to pursue a career in the agriculture field because I have found a passion and love for the agriculture industry. I did not grow up on a dairy farm; however, I joined 4-H and exhibited a family friends cattle. From all of the 4-H events that I attended, to joining breed associations and participating in dairy judging, I have learned a lot about dairy cattle. This calf is only a few days old and still learning her role on the farm. Eventually she will grow into a productive member of the herd. She represents me joining 4-H when I was 10; curious at what was out there and not sure what was going on. I have not yet found exactly what my role is but I know it is in the dairy industry helping to promote and support agriculture.